Professional Contracting Services

Demolition, Asbestos Removal, Earthworks, Civil Work

TK Contractors provides professional contracting services specialising in demolition and civil work and has been operating for many years in the Auckland region. We offer a wide variety of demolition work, contaminated soil remediations and civil work.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue to grow and expand by providing professional contracting services in the industries of demolition, asbestos removal and civil construction.

We value positive business relationships with our clients, staying loyal and delivering the services they require. We are also enthusiastic about developing relationships with new clients as we expand.

As contractors, we value honest and direct communication with our clients and the team of people that we work alongside. All employees of TK Contractors are experienced, competent and reliable.

We value good relationships and communication with our employees maintaining high standards of competency and workmanship. Wherever we work, we strive for team building, maintaining respect for the environment and taking accountability for the supply of all our work and services.

We are well known for our wide variety of skill, experience and efficiency in completing jobs and projects at a standard of excellence within specific time frames. Due to our years of experience, successful job completion and positive work relations, we have a strong foundation of contacts, material, machinery resources and human resources.

Our Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are thoroughly documented in the many diverse areas that we complete work in. We are dedicated to maintaining accurate Health and Safety practice on-site while keeping employees regularly updated with training and the current expectations and changes that are constantly evolving in Health and Safety.

Professional Contracting Services
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“Thank you to TK CONTRACTORS LTD for sponsoring our local sports teams – 

Bowls Team Helensville Primary School, AIMS 2023 Tauranga.”.

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Professional Contracting Services

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